Hold Space to Roll, Release Space to Slide

These are the only controls in Roller.  Rolling helps you speed up and reload your weapon.  Sliding fires your weapon and slows you down.  Aim the weapon with the mouse.  

Blue and white geometry can be interacted with while in either mode, but white geometry can only be used while rolling, and blue geometry only while sliding.

Gather yellow energy pickups to continue your game.  You lose one energy every second.  Try to get the maximum amount of total energy pickups and travel distance before either running into an enemy, or running out of energy.

This is my entry for the Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam for 2017.  The theme was based on this video:

The video is all about making each of your mechanics work double to maximize gameplay while minimizing the amount the player has to actually learn when picking up the game for the first time.  With this in mind, I tried to make a game that only needed a single button and only one type of power up.  All other mechanics are sort of created by adding to these primary mechanics.  

This is my first solo game jam so thanks for playing.

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